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  • Canadian Artists Will Paint Abstraction About Voronezh


    Art meeting with Yanniсk Fleury and Viktoriia Krasiukova will take place on April 18 2015.

    The dual exhibition “The Canadian painting: abstraction and realism” of Canadian artist Yannick Fleury, who signs his works with nom de plume “Yanook”, and Viktoriia Krasiukova  will be unveiled on April 18th 2015 at the big hall of the I.S. Nikitin Voronezh Regional Universal Scientific Library in Voronezh, Russia. The art meeting with the artists will take place before the exhibition unveiling. Yanook will paint an abstract artwork dedicated to Voronezh and describe the elements of the abstract work creation during his painting process.

    Yanook and Viktoriia live in Ottawa. It took them 36 hours to come from Ottawa to Russian town Voronezh. Artists brought several picturesque art­works specifically for the exhibition in Voronezh, Russia. Artworks traveled half of the world from Ottawa, Montreal, Amsterdam, Moscow and finally arrived by train to Voronezh.

    37­ year­ old Fleury started to create abstract works about 10 years ago. His art­works are popular in Canada, USA, Belgium, France, and Japan. Yanook appreciates abstract artworks of the leader of abstract expressionism - Jackson Pollock and his technique as painting on the floor instead of using easel. The first time Yanook saw his paintings at the National Gallery of Canada.

    Yanook considers that “the visual experience and the perception of the abstract artwork is only your personal experience that is not similar to the experience or the perception of artwork by another individual”. He uses acrylic, oil paints, pastel, inks, and collage techniques. Artworks of Yanook appeared in Russia in 2011.

    Viktoriia Krasiukova will be exhibiting the sketches of the immense wild nature of Canada. She created the collection while being in Canada throughout the years 2014­-2015.  Viktoriia was born in Voronezh. She is a medical doctor and graduated from Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N.N. Burdenko. Viktoriia dedicates her free time to painting. She studied the art of Japanese painting and art-therapy. 

    Currently both artists live in Ottawa, Canada.

    Art meeting with the artists Yannick Fleury and Viktoriia Krasiukova will take place on April 18th 2015 at the I.S. Nikitin Voronezh Regional Universal Scientific Library, Voronezh, Russia. The beginning is at 18.00.

    Journalist: Olga GNEZDILOVA

    Sourse: On­line version of the newspaper “MOЁ”
    in Russian Language


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