Upcoming Events / Vernissage

  • Yanook Exhibitions

    Conférence Peinture abstraite de Yanook – Mystère et Conception - jeudi le 12 octobre 2017 - 9 h 00 - Ottawa, Ontario - Canada Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota USA - To be determined 2017Bridgetown, Barbados - To be determine 2017New York City - To be determine 2017   Media Coverage Interview with artist Yanook on TV channel Rogers, September 2015 Entre NousL''artiste Yanook nous surpend avec ses oeuvres déjantées et nous finirons la semaine de façon magique.Featured in the newspaper on-line - www.moe-online.ru - April 2015 Canadian artist "Yanook" will paint abstraction about Russian town VoronezhКанадские художники "Yanook" нарисуют абстракцию о Воронеже ...

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  • Canadian Artists Will Paint Abstraction About Voronezh

    CANADIAN ARTISTS WILL PAINT ABSTRACTION ABOUT VORONEZHArt meeting with Yanniсk Fleury and Viktoriia Krasiukova will take place on April 18 2015.The dual exhibition “The Canadian painting: abstraction and realism” of Canadian artist Yannick Fleury, who signs his works with nom de plume “Yanook”, and Viktoriia Krasiukova  will be unveiled on April 18th 2015 at the big hall of the I.S. Nikitin Voronezh Regional Universal Scientific Library in Voronezh, Russia. The art meeting with the artists will take place before the exhibition unveiling. Yanook will paint an abstract artwork dedicated to Voronezh and describe the elements of the abstract work creation during...

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