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  • Canadian Abstract Artist Yanook transform Coca-Cola Bottles into works of art

    Coca-Cola Bottle Artwork by Yanook

    Following a "vernissage" late 2015 I have embarked on a new creation of artworks but, this time, applying my abstract techniques on original Coca-Cola bottles.

    Layering paint on glass has a different feel th an painting on canvas it seems that the painting on glass needs more layering methods than on canvas.  A pre-coat is done with a color and then additional paints are applied.  

    Starting with two colors seems the way to go to start.  Then applying a second coat just makes it more precise and with a distinctively detailed look.

    As I look at these creations on bottles I feel instant attachment.  The look the feel in your hand of how it holds.

    The sound of opening a coke bottle is a sound of vacation and relaxation a treat of some sort that I permit myself knowing that there is no added healthy benefit to this drink... but how to say no to such fantastic ritual of savouring a coke.

    After first initial creation of these Artworks on Coca-Cola Bottles, I feel that Coca-Cola collectors might just get a new addiction of some sort in wanting to see more of these new works painted on bottles.

    After 3 weeks of creating this collection, I showcasing to you the first Yanook on Coca-Cola Bottle ever produced.



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