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  • Abstract Art: The world of Yanook

    Abstract art evokes various controversial emotions, but it always provokes and intrigues our imagination.

    I would like to start quoting Yanook’s favorite artist Jackson Pollock. Once Pollock was asked how he felt about the critic of his art. Pollock replied: “If people would just look at the paintings, I don't think they would have any trouble enjoying them. It's like looking at a bed of flowers. You don’t tear your hair out what it means”. At this point, I offer you to relax your mind and just enjoy the forms, shapes, and colors. I am inviting you to be engaged in delightful journey on paintings now.

    Yanook doesn’t know ahead what his artwork will be look like. It seems art gives a birth to itself during the creative process. Yanook goes with the flow, but sometimes he has a story at the back for representing it on canvas.

     De Dark Angel #1 by Yanook        De Dark Angel #2 by Yanook

    De Dark Angel #1 (left), Yanook, 2013. Acrylic, pastels, magazine pages on canvas 10x48x1,5 inch.

    De Dark Angel #2 (right), Yanook, 2013. Acrylic, pastels, magazine pages on canvas 10x48x1,5 inch.

    Two artworks “De Dark Angel #1” and “De Dark Angel #2” were created by Yanook in 2013 year when he actively incorporated collage technique with magazine pages into his works. Sophisticated turquoise color prevails on the artwork “De Dark Angel #1”. It connects with spirituality, clarity, and creativity. Also we can read Indian Symbols of Native Americans: "water" and "air". Indian Symbol “water” means sustenance of life and symbol “air” represents life. We see white and turquoise flowers in the circle. Romantic pink color attracts our attention when we look at the artwork “De Dark Angel #2”. Pink is the color of compassion, nurturing, and love. Vertical arrangement of the both canvases with the women images from magazine intends to speak with us as a visual equivalent of real people.


    De Night Escape #5 by Yanook

    De Night Escape #5, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic, pastels on canvas 30x30x1,5 inch.

    Quietly sitting on the decoratively curved branch, the owl pretends to be a main object in a composition. You see outlines of houses on the background of dark blue night sky. White color reminds us about winter time. For some people, life in big cities is linked to constant desire to escape outdoors: to forest, field, sea, etc. As the title suggests, the night escape was made into the forest during late fall. White circle in the middle is an interpretation of camping tent.


    De Entourage #4

    De Entourage #4, Yanook, 2014. Acrylic, mixed media on canvas 12x12x1,5 inch.        (in private collection in Ottawa, Canada)

    The main focus of the work "De Entourage #4" is the combination of two circles: blue color prevails in one on the left and another one has complicated structure with incorporation of different colors. As though two galaxies which collide or split up. “Entourage” means “surrounding”. The artwork posts the question: is it clear network of people around you? The work is full of geometrical figures: circles, spiky triangle, and rectangle. In the top-right corner, black rectangle transforms into the schematic image of elephant. It symbolizes the power and dignity, good luck and good fortune. In addition, the right circle expresses an Indian symbol of “fire” , that represents warmness and light in Indian tradition.


    De Tropical Escape #4

    De Tropical Escape #4, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on canvas 48x36x1,5 inch.

    Gifting to the work "De Tropical Escape #4" plenty of fresh clean air and freedom, pure and innocent white expands canvas by 50%. Yellow, lime and marine blue colors slowly incorporate in white painting. Denser lime-green characterizes tropical forest at the left side. Yellow-ochre sand is at the right side. Horizontally positioned giant flower represents Exotic Blue Orchid from Hawaii. The gentle flower was maximized with an intention to express an amazing concept of the proximity of the tropics with its unique flora. Whole artwork invites you to make an escape to faraway islands.


    De Goat Observations #11

    De Goat Observations #11, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on canvas 48x36x1,5 inch.

    “De Goat Observations #11” is one of the works that introduces semi-abstract artist’s style. The dualism of this work, combined abstract and realistic art, is highlighted by the distinctive image of the Goat. Here is a huge luminous yellow-ochre rock and active waves of deep blue sea. The Goat is standing on the top of the rock. Remarkably, there is a static of the rock and dynamic of the blue sea. Does the Goat climb for the first time on this rock for an observation of seascape? The sea is dynamic and in constant movement. It is vivid and clean. Additionally, a symbolic image of blue fish was painted closely to the bottom on the right. The fish was designed much bigger than the animal on the rock to express the dominance of water element of sea that completely absorbed the attention of the Goat.


     De Logic #8

    De Logic #8, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on canvas 30x40x1,5 inch.                               

    (Donated to Franco-Ontarian Foundation, Ottawa, Canada)

    The story, pronounced by the painting "De Logic #8", should be assembled by parts as a puzzle. Let’s start from the top-left part of the artwork where you can see a segment of a bird’s nest which is in yellow color. Thereafter, look down closer to the bottom where you can find a dark-blue circle. It depicts a head of a bird with black eyes and a beak. The bird has a yellow wing. Bright green spot of paint is a suggestion, perhaps, of leaves. Each image of this artwork is surrounded by free space, as if the artist gives freedom to his objects on the canvas. Whole puzzle logically leads us to the quote of Indian author Amit Ray: “A bird is safe in its nest - but that is not what its wings are made for”.

    “De Logic #8” along with “De Goat Observations #11” and “De Tropical Escape #4” are from a number of paintings on which Yanook started to explore the presence of large areas of canvas painted with white color or the expansion of untouched white surface of canvas.


    De Travelling Time #1, Yanook, 2012. Acrylic, mixed media on canvas 11x22x1 inch.

    A variety of media was applied in the work “De Travelling Time #1”. It was created after Yanook’s travel to Czech Republic. The artwork is a representation of the collection of memories and nostalgic objects that stayed after the series of travels around the world. Money that should be spent on airplane or bus. Pages of the book that should be read on a train. Sigarettes and mineral water sticker. In the background, the surface was obscured by warm green and yellow paints. It reflects the earth seen from an aircraft illuminator. White paint with layers of blue and pink suggests you to imagine mountains covered by snow. The sticker “Bon vivant” reminds about a person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle. Travels reflect social aspect of the personality. Such person is ready to new meetings and new adventures.


     De Restaurant. Crevettes #2

    De Restaurant. Crevettes #2, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic, pastels on canvas 11x22x1 inch.

    Your attention is captured right away by the abstract pink image of a shrimp is in the center of the artwork. The work has rich decor with different kinds of patterns. We see dualism in this work. The left and bottom part is more static and calm with squares and rectangular. The upper right part is dynamic with active and expressive pink and black lines which spread in all directions. Black image almost duplicates the pink one. Possibly, you can hear Spanish guitar in this Restaurant. Is it a Restaurant that serves only a sea food? Yanook left open space for your imagination.


    De Kiss by Yanook

    De Kiss, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic, pastels, mixed media on mazonite 26,5 x 26,5 inch. Black frame.

    Possibly, you ask yourself, “Where is the kiss?” Let’s start from the sun-tanned profile of a man. Do you see the nostrils and bridge of the nose at the top middle part of the artwork? The nose of a woman is on the left from the man’s one. Her open mouth with pearly white teeth is ready for the kiss. At the bottom of the work, sea waves run ashore and overhung rocks peek out through the morning mist. As if you unexpectedly see the kissing couple and you quickly look away not to embarrass them, not to disturb. Gradually, the photographic picture of the couple disappears. Only essential outlines of the kiss remain in your imagination.


    De Echo System #1

    De Echo System #1, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic, pastels, mixed media on mazonite 26,5 x 26,5 inch. Black frame.

    “De Echo System #1” represents hidden symbols of fauna. The profile of the sitting yellow dog is defined at the right side. Yellow bird is read in the top-left corner and redheaded bird with orange beak is presented at the left side under the head of the dog. You see the turned away sitting blue cat that flies horizontally in the air. Here and there untouched surface of plaster represents fresh air. The transparency of applied paints talks about gentle and vulnerable world around us. Sunny artwork conveys the idea of conservation the eco-space for future generations.


    De Composite #1 by Yanook

    De Composite #1, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on mazonite 8x10 inch. Black frame.

    De Composite #2 by Yanook

    De Composite #2, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on mazonite 8x10 inch. Black frame.

    De Composite #3 by Yanook

    De Composite #3, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on mazonite 8x10 inch. Black frame.

    De Composite #4 by Yanook

    De Composite #4, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on mazonite 8x10 inch. Black frame.

    De Composite #5 by Yanook

    De Composite #5, Yanook, 2015. Acrylic on mazonite 8x10 inch. Black frame.

    These five compositions on mazonite will be very familiar for those who love to explore the world on airplane or parachuting and paragliding. Artworks are rich with earth colors and nature colors. Mostly artworks are executed with spots of colors. You can notice the white lines of intensive motion on “De Composite #1”.

    Coming to the end, Yanook yet suggests you to envision something of your choice after looking at his poetic artworks. The image can remain completely abstract or open to you a door to define some realistic shapes. Abstract art is tricky. It plays with spectacular and skillfully tosses new solutions for any composition.


    Author: Viktoriia Krasiukova, PhD
    Instagram: @yanookstudiogallery


    © Viktoriia Krasiukova, Yanook and, 2016. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this article and images without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Viktoriia Krasiukova, Yanook and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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