• Original Abstract Painting 16" x 16" x 3 "by Yanook - Direct from Studio

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Original Yanook Painting

Name: De Unfinished  # 38
Size: 16 inch  x  16 inch  x 3 inch deep
Medium: Mixed Media - Acrylic, Oils, Magazine and Pastels on Canvas
Year: 2013 - Part of the Yanook 2013 Collection.

Serial Number: YSN: 1978-05-05

Price: 778 $


Artwork by Yanook

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Yannick Fleury is a Canadian artist that goes by the nom de plume “Yanook”. He currently lives in the Nation’s Capital; Ottawa, Ontario.

His passion for art began after college when life experiences pushed him to search for his creative side. Long hours in the information technology field left Yanook searching for a creative outlet.

For the past fifteen years Yanook has been creating unique, one of a kind abstract paintings. He has become wildly popular in Canada, showing in the Eugène Racette Gallery and the Stepping Stone Gallery as well as working for clients across Canada and United States. 

Yanook has always had a strong interest in architectural and modern interior design spaces, which is evident in his work.  Using different layering techniques with ink, pastels, acrylics and resins, his paintings become almost three dimensional; as if they are frozen moments of life.

The form the paintings take visually is an experience for you alone. This is one of the reasons Yanook is such a lover of abstract art – there are no limitations.

For those who come to his gallery expecting to purchase a painting, they are in for an awakening. You simply don’t purchase, you become part of your own unique ‘Yanook Experience’.

One of the distinctive features of having a custom Yanook painting is being part of his creative process. Clients can choose color schemes; suggest an idea, or energy that they want the painting to have. He creates the painting while always keeping in mind the elemental choices of his clients but still painting in his own manner; from his soul, irrationally at times, but always through his feelings and emotions. The finished product is always a combination of perspectives; each one a unique experience.

Yanook now travels in his spare time with his wife. Together they have travelled to Venice, Rome, and St. Petersbourg Russia, to name a few. Both credit their travels and experiences together as a large inspiration for his work.

The Yanook Studio Gallery has recently moved into the International market and is hopeful for continued success abroad in the future.